Meet the Judges


Welcome to the Worldwide Judges page for the 2014 “Future of Education” Youth Essay Contest.  They will be looking at how youth around the world answered the question.

"What will education in the future be like? What changes would you make? Why and how would you change it?

2014 Worldwide Essay Contest Judges
  Romania      Spain      Singapore      Romania  
Adeline Popesscu    Carlos Lopez     Chan Chow Wah    Daniela Mironov  
Adeline Popesscu   Carlos Lopez    Chan Chow Wah    Daniela Mironov 
  United States      South Africa      Sri Lanka      United States  
France McCloskey     Naftaly Ngugi     Nisal Kotinkaduwa     Raymond Dong 
France McCloskey    Naftaly Ngugi    Nisal Kotinkaduwa    Raymond Dong 
  United States       Romania       Japan      India 
Shameka Littles     Sorin Repanovici     Tetsuo Kubo    Vikrant Chaudhary  
Shameka Littles    Sorin Repanovici    Tetsuo Kubo    Vikrant Chaudhary 



About the Judging

Judging dates

2-18 June 2014


How's the contest judged?

Essays will be judged by our international panel of judges. Judging will be done online in two parts. Read More Here


What criteria will be used to select the winning essays?

Judging will be based on the following criteria, on a sliding scale 1-5 Based on the criteria of, relevance, creativity and originality, development, audience and cohesion. Read More Here



Meet the Coordinators

Heather A. Caton, M.S.W.


Heather Caton


President & CEO, World Genesis FDN
Sec. General, U.S. Federation of UNESCO


Sorin G. Repanovici


Sorin Repanovici


Vice President, World Genesis FDN
General Coordinator, Atlantykron Academy


Guy P. Djoken


Guy Djoken


President, U.S. Federation of UNESCO
President, UNESCO Center for Peace


Lola Bokini


Lola Bokini


Director, IMUN Summer Camp


JumpStart Program




World Genesis Foundation